• Handholding Services

Handholding Services

Why take on a time-consuming task when someone else can do it for you? As the name suggests, our hand holding services free you from troublesome, time-consuming errands and follow-ups.

Through a wide network of trusted Associates and Associate Organisations, our property management team can assist you in areas that range from obtaining documents to sorting out legal issues to remodelling your home—and pretty much everything that lies in between.

Some of the services we offer include:

Bill Payments Water Bill Electricity Bill

Property Related Property registration Property tax payment Transfer of deeds Property valuation Khata transfers

Certificates Marriage certificates Birth certificates  Death certificates Legal heir certificate Encumbrance Certificate

Legal Legal Opinion Court Orders

Loans & Insurance Home Loan Property Insurance

Fencing Barbed wire fencing Brick fencing Hollow block fencing Solid block fencing  Chain link fencing

House Keeping Pest control  Water tank cleaning Water proofing  Fire safety