• Real Estate Investment Advisory Services

Real Estate Investment & Advisory Services

Real estate is a rewarding addition to any investment portfolio. As in any investment—and maybe more than in most—investment in property has to be made with forethought and due diligence. We can help in both areas, so your real estate portfolio grows safely and well. We will assist you in: 

Choosing the right property

First, we understand your needs, preferences, budget and time frame for purchase.

We co-ordinate site visits and follow-up meetings.

We decide on the number of properties to be shortlisted. 

Together, we identify the properties that best match your criteria and arrive at a suitable, manageable shortlist.

We send you photographs and videos of the shortlisted properties.

Along with an assessment report that details the relative benefits and drawbacks of each.

This includes a brief profile of the immediate area, listing facilities available in the locality.

We then review our database, which covers a huge range of properties, in different areas within different cities.

Arriving at a correct market value

  • We help you arrive at an accurate appraisal of the correct market value.
  • We will advise you on an offer price and payment details.

Helping you select the most suitable financing option

  • We advise you on the different financing options available. 
  • We will update you on the loan offerings available from different financial institutions.
  • If you prefer, we can negotiate the terms of the loan on your behalf.

Completing paperwork and legal formalities

  •  Our legal team will assist you with negotiations and paperwork, including:
    • Checking on the bona fides of the seller. 
    • Background check for land disputes. 
    • Checking that documentation is in order, on both sides. 
    • If any further documentation is needed, we will procure it for you. 
    • Verifying and scrutiny of relevant property documents. 
    • Preparing a memorandum of sale. 
    • Registering of sale agreement and sale deed. 
    • If necessary, executing a Power of Attorney for you, based on your instructions. 
    • Obtaining Encumbrance and Katha / Patta certificates. 
    • Payment of property tax after registration.

Note: Legal fees and document charges will be billed at actuals.