• Property Selling Assistance

Property Selling Assistance

Selling property can be as harrowing an experience as buying property. You may feel you’re confronting a sea of unknowns, from the bona fides of the buyer to the accuracy of the selling price. Once again, we can be of invaluable assistance in several ways:

Helping you arrive at the right selling price

  • We help you arrive at an accurate appraisal of the best price you can expect.

Helping you find the right buyer

We review our database, which covers a selection of real estate agents/ agencies, the property information will be shared to get suitable buyer.

We also market your property within India and abroad. 

  • Our company website.
  • Social media sites.
  • Local & national news papers.
  • Online Real Estate web portals and others.

We also market your property to our clients and corporate contacts, within India and abroad.

Together, we identify the buyers that best meet your expectations.

We send photographs and videos of your property to shortlisted prospects.

We co-ordinate site visits and follow-up meetings.

We help you finalise the selling price and payment terms/ schedules.

Organising the pre-sale paperwork

  • We will check on the bona fides of the buyer, ensuring that he is reliable and capable of honouring his commitment to you. 
  • We will check that the required documentation is in order, on both sides. 
  • If any further documentation is needed, we will procure it for you.

Once you have settled on the buyer

  •  Our legal team will assist you with negotiations and paperwork, including:
    • Lining up relevant property documents 
    • Preparing a memorandum of sale 
    • Registering of sale agreement and sale deed 
    • If necessary, executing a Power of Attorney for you, based on your instructions. 
    • Obtaining Encumbrance certificate and Katha / Patta certificates