• Property Buying Assistance

Property Buying Assistance

While many people dream of owning a property, the prospect of identifying and acquiring a suitable one (with all the research, checking, legalities, financial details and paperwork involved) is enough to scare most people away from taking a decision to invest. There are just too many cases of a dream turning into a nightmare. We can ensure you live your dream—and all the benefits of the great investment opportunity it brings with it—by clearing the path to owning a property. 

Helping you find the right property

First, we understand your needs, preferences, budget and time frame for purchase.

We co-ordinate site visits and follow-up meetings.

We decide on the number of properties to be shortlisted. 

Together, we identify the properties that best match your criteria and arrive at a suitable, manageable shortlist.

We send you photographs and videos of the shortlisted properties.

Assessment report that details the relative benefits and drawbacks of each.

A brief profile of the immediate area, listing facilities available in the locality.

We then review our database, which covers a huge range of properties, in different areas within different cities.

Alongside, helping you select the most suitable financing option

  • We advise you on the different financing options available. 
  • If you decide on a home loan, we will update you on the offerings available from different financial institutions. 
  • If you prefer, we can negotiate the terms of the loan on your behalf.

Once you have identified the property you want

  • We will advise you on an offer price and payment details. 
  • Our legal team will assist you with negotiations and paperwork, including:
    • Verifying and scrutiny of relevant property documents.
    • Preparing a memorandum of sale. 
    • Registering of sale agreement and sale deed.
    • If necessary, executing a Power of Attorney for you, based on your instructions. 
    • Obtaining Encumbrance certificate and Katha / Patta certificates.
    • Payment of property tax after registration.

Note: Legal fees and document charges will be billed at actuals.