• Land aggregating / Sourcing

Builders and developers

We can assist you in acquiring excellent land parcels in a range of strategic locations, for different types of development. Through trusted contacts in both urban and semi-urban areas, we are aware of land parcels that are just coming on—or may not yet be available—on the real estate market. Once we understand your requirements, we will locate suitable properties for you. We ensure they come with clear titles, no liabilities and at the best possible price. We have earned a reputation for trustworthiness and tension-free, transparent transactions are hallmarks of our operating procedure.

We can also assist you in selling land parcels.

Assistance in locating the right land parcels

First, we understand your needs, preferences, budget and time frames.

We identify the properties that best match your criteria.

We send you photographs and videos of the shortlisted properties.

We send you an assessment report that details the relative benefits and drawbacks of the land parcel.

We co-ordinate site visits and follow-up meetings with the landowner.

After arriving at a shortlist, we assist you with

  • Survey and boundary confirmations.
  • Updates on possible ordinance, zoning or environmental issues.

Once you have identified the property you want

  • We can negotiate on your behalf or advise you on an offer price and payment details.
  • Our legal team will assist you with negotiations and paperwork, including:
    • Verifying and scrutiny of relevant property documents.
    • Preparing a memorandum of sale.
    • Registering of sale agreement and sale deed.
    • If necessary, executing a Power of Attorney for you, based on your instructions.
    • Obtaining Encumbrance and Katha / Patta certificates 
    • Payment of property tax after registration.

Note: Legal fees and document charges will be billed at actuals.