• Plot / Site Management Services

Plot / Site monitoring services

Today, real estate is one of the best investment options. However, in most built-up urban environments the most affordable properties are located outside core areas—making regular monitoring a challenge. Furthermore, legal paperwork and payment of taxes need to be attended to in a systematic manner. All of these take time, effort and mindspace.

Without careful management, how safe is your land from encroachment or misuse by undesirable elements? Will you win or lose if you’re the victim of mischievous property litigation? Is your site a dumping ground for garbage or overrun by weeds and undergrowth—all of which are a welcome signal to encroachers. Are your taxes paid up to date and papers in order?

Minor neglect can translate into major losses. We can help you protect your investment with our plot monitoring services.

Legal Assistance

Our experienced lawyers will take care of all the required legalities involved. This includes RTC, Phani at the beginning and the end of the Contract period. Our legal team will take care of the legal document updation on a regular basis. In addition to this, we evaluate your property every year on your request.

Tax Assistance

Payment of taxes comes with its own hassles. Value Home Properties will closely monitor and check your tax dues and assist you throughout the payment process.


On your request, we can get your land fenced or get the compound constructed through a reputed contractor, keeping you updated through videos and photos. Supervision of the work will be done until completion. Fencing/ Construction charges on this will be as per actual.

Property Visits

As a part of your package with us, we do regular visits to your vacant land. We offer a minimum of 12 visits / year. On every visit, a maintenance report is sent across to you for your review. In addition to this, we will also update you with photographs and a 360 degrees video of your vacant land. All this information will be accessible through our website for you by the click of a button. One of our special services is that we provide a live feed video of your vacant land via Skype once in three months.

Repair & Maintenance Work

We supervise any kind of repair work needed to be done on your land such as bore well, fencing, damaged compound repair, etc. With your consent and our wide network of contractors we will start the work and supervise it thoroughly until the work is completed. In addition to this we will provide you digital photos/ videos of the work in progress until completion. Labour charges will be at actual. As per your request, we also take up the task to clean up the land so that it looks well maintained and presentable. Labour charges will be at actual.