• Residential Property Management Services

Apartment, row house & villa monitoring services

For reasons ranging from short-term travel to longer-term relocation, you may have to leave your home unoccupied for a while. You may also choose to leave a property you own vacant, out of choice or circumstances.

If you are unable to look after your property, who will? Friends and relatives may not have the time or facilities to take on the responsibility in a systematic fashion. An empty property, to twist a common phrase, can be a devil’s workshop. Some of the situations that develop in such cases range from neglect and deterioration, leading to damage of property and fixtures; complications arising from unpaid bills and taxes; an unkempt look that encourages miscreants and interlopers.

This is when we can help. Here’s what we can do for you:

Take a detailed inventory

Once you become a member of the Value Home Properties family, we prepare a detailed inventory report of your property, including a listing of all fittings and fixtures within your property premises. This report is accessible to you 24/7 on your private member page on our website.

Periodic property visits

We will visit your property on a regular basis (normally once a month, but more often if you need us to do so).

On each visit, we check the house for damages, leakages, etc. The house is cleaned and aired to check moisture– related damage.

We keep you updated with a 360-degree video of your site, which you can access through your private Member Page on our website.

We can also give you a live video feed of your site, via Skype, once in three months.

If required, we can represent you at Association Meetings.


If any repairs are required on your property, we can identify a suitable service provider. Once you approve the service provider and estimate, we can initiate and supervise the repair work. We will keep you updated, from start to finish, through digital photos/videos.

Maintenance of compound

In the interests of safety and good citizenship, we can arrange to keep your compound free of undergrowth and clear garbage that may be illegally dumped in it.

Short-term house management/monitoring service

If you are planning to leave home for a period of less than six months, you may be interested in our Short-term House Management Service Plan, under which we:

  • Visit the property every weeks, to check all is well 
  • Document the status with photographs/videos, which we email to you. This will also be available on your secure Member Page on our website. 
  • If you have any specific concerns, we will take the required follow-up action and keep you informed on how it is being dealt with. If the property is not fenced, we can arrange to construction of a suitable compound wall. 

In the event of attempt to encroach or misuse the property – we will report it to you immediately and our legal experts will take legal action and file a police complaint, if deemed necessary.