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  • Property Management Services

Property Management & Monitoring Services

Property management can be a confusing, complicated business, in which a small mistake can result in disastrous outcomes, Value Home Properties will help property owners like you navigate these often stormy seas, leaving you to enjoy the rewards of your investment, while we manage tenants, payment of taxes, legal requirements and unexpected complexities.

We provide world class support and maintenance services, designed to meet exacting client expectations. Our team is committed to helping property owners get the best value for—and highest appreciation on—their investment. So whether you need assistance in buying or selling property, safeguarding a vacant property, or getting the best rental on an occupied one, we are there to do the needful. Towards this end:

  • We customise our services to meet the requirements of different clients and different types of properties (ranging from high-rise commercial complexes to residential apartments and villas to shopping malls). 
  • Working closely with our clients, we have developed a transparent maintenance model that allows for a better understanding of property assessment and maintenance, and cost management.

Our property management team has years of hands-on experience in both maintenance and facility management verticals, across residential, retail and commercial properties. Our professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to keep property in mint condition, ensuring lasting value and excellent rental incomes. We follow international best practices to ensure total satisfaction and timely action. The areas in which we can help include:

Ascertaining location and identification of site

It’s always wise to double check facts, in this case the location of your site/property, demarcation of its borders, official address, survey/door number, and local landmarks.

Safety and security of premises

  • You can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your property. Encroachers and miscreants are quick to recognise and occupy property that is unwatched. Even otherwise well protected properties need to be constantly monitored, not only for illegal occupation but also for deterioration due to natural causes. If you are an NRI, live far away from your property or simply don’t have the time to do monitor it, then our Property Management Service team will protect your property for you, diligently and responsibly.
  • In the event of any encroachment or attempt to encroach, you will be informed immediately and our legal experts will take legal action and file a police complaint, if deemed necessary. 
  • If the plot is fenced, we can put up a signboard intimating that this property is being monitored and under the care of Value Home Properties. Signboard and installation charges will be billed extra.

Tenancy management

  • Identification, verification (including credit check, personal references check, etc.) and selection of high quality tenants. Our objective is to get you the best possible rent and tenants who pay on time. 
  • Up-to-date statistics, such as vacancy rates and appropriate rent increases, based on prevailing market condition.
  • Application and approval process that conforms to legal requirements at local, state and national levels.
  • Legal enforcement of your lease agreements, including rent collection and tenant safety regulations.
  • Payment of local property bills and taxes.

Professional upkeep and maintenance

We can take over the physical maintenance of your rental properties (housekeeping, repairs, pest control, etc.), assisted by our associate team of qualified vendors and service professionals.

Creating clean and pleasing environments

Landscaping and garden maintenance 

Civil and electrical maintenance 

Swimming pool and health club maintenance

Facilities management

Note: Legal fees and document charges will be billed at actuals.