• FAQ about Property Management / Monitoring Services


We receive queries covering many aspects of property and tenancy management and real estate investment. However, the most commonly asked questions especially by NRIs-concern property purchases and the government documents required for property transactions.We hope the following FAQs make the subject a little easier to understand.

Why should I hire a property management company to manage my property?

One of the major reasons to use a professional property management company is that they have valuable experience and know-how in handling different aspects of property transactions. These areas of expertise include dealing with government authorities, understanding legal processes, identifying and managing labour—to name just a few. By entrusting your work to a reliable professional, you are saved time, effort and uncertainty. You enjoy complete peace of mind while your investment is protected and its value maximised.


All these services are especially useful to NRIs. With us by your side, you will feel that distances between you and your properties seem to have  suddenly shortened and those nagging concerns that may have caused you sleepless nights  have suddenly disappeared.

Why should I choose Value Home Properties instead of my friends or relatives?

In today’s busy world, everyone has their own preoccupations and problems and personal time is hard to come by. Expecting relatives or friends to take on the responsibility of managing your property may be unrealistic and unfair. Furthermore, asking questions or requesting clarifications may be misinterpreted as some suspicion on your part. In comparison, clearing doubts with an organization is un-complicated.

Where can I get application forms?

Everything is available on our website. Visit ValueHomeProperties.com to access our application form.

If I give power of attorney to my parents/other representative, would my signature be required for documents?

If your power of attorney holder can provide information that may be required (for instance, proof of property ownership), your signature may not be required.

Will you upload my property documents online?

Yes. Your property-related documents will be uploaded online and you can access them anytime by logging into our account.

Do you have your own legal team?


Do you provide property-related legal services?

Yes. Our legal team can provide a range of services, depending on your needs. You will be charged based on services requested.

If I have a nick name or pen name, can I use that on the form? Or should I use my formal name only?

We advise you to use the name mentioned in the property document.

Is any charges applicable for online registration?

No. Registration is free of cost and can be registered online.

How long does the registration process take?

Our online registration process will take approximately 10 minutes.

Can I create my own login and password?

No. You can register with us using your existing email ID and once the property management agreement is signed then you will receive your login ID and password that is automation generated and will be sent to your registered email ID.

What are the password requirements I should follow when changing my password?

We advise you to create a strong password, between 6 and 10 characters. Remember passwords are case sensitive.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, login to your account and then go to “My Accounts”. Select “My Profile” and then click on “Change Password”. A pop up will appear, inviting you to create a new password.

What if I forget my password?

No problem. Just click on the link “Forgot Password”. This will show you how  to recover/reset your password.

How is my login and password created?

You first register with us using your existing email ID. Once the property management agreement is signed, your login ID and password will be sent to your registered email ID. Both login ID and password are automatically generated.

Do we have to pay to register online?

No, registration is free of cost.

How do you communicate your new service promotions to your customers?

We promote any new service offers through our monthly newsletter that will emailed to all our customers.

How do you keep us informed on new service promotions?

We promote any new service offers through a monthly newsletter that will be emailed to all our customers. Our newsletter also contains general news related to the construction industry.

Do you share my contact number to any service provider for marketing activities?


What kind of offers and promotions does the newsletter contains?

Our newsletter contains general news relevant to the construction industry and our promotional offers.

How do you protect my personal information?

We ask only for necessary information and we use standard security technology to maintain all the details you shared with us stay confidential.

Is the personal information shared with you available to anyone else?

We respect your privacy and any information shared with us on our site is confidential and secure.

Do you offer incentives for referrals?

Yes. To know more about the referral incentive amount, please call or email us.

How do I subscribe to this service?

Login to our website, email or phone us to get the process going.

In which cities do you operate?

Our services are currently available in three cities in Karnataka—Bangalore, Mysore and Tumkur. We plan to offer services pan India in the near future.

What is your company’s contact address?

Visit our ‘Contact Us’ link for information on how to get in touch.