• FAQ about Property Management / Monitoring Services

General FAQs

We receive queries covering many aspects of property and tenancy management and real estate investment. However, the most commonly asked questions especially by NRIs-concern property purchases and the government documents required for property transactions.We hope the following FAQs make the subject a little easier to understand.

What is property management?

Property management is a service, provided in the real estate market, to property owners. It involves the management of personal property and physical assets by a professional organisation for a client, usually the owner of the property. The range of support and maintenance services offered broadly include: the buying or selling property, safeguarding a vacant property, or rental/leasing of properties—across residential, commercial and retail domains. The objective is to assist property owners get the best value for—and highest appreciation on—their investment.

What are the specific services provided under property management?

Some of the major services are property monitoring and security, which includes periodic property inspection and reporting; managing tenants and tenancy, including finding tenants, inventory check at the time of occupation and vacating, painting and cleaning the property when tenant vacates, rent collection; rental assistance; payment of bills, taxes and any property-related fees; maintenance of property, including repairs, refurbishing and renovation; facility management; and document authentication and procurement.

Do your services cover buying and selling of properties?

Yes. With over ten years’ experience in the real estate world, we have an excellent understanding of the markets and will ensure your best interests are covered at all stages. For detailed information about our real estate services, please visit our Real Estate page.

Whom to choose whether a real estate agent or property management company?

Choosing a real estate agent or a property management company is really a confusion task. Generally, most of them think that a real estate agent and property management company play similar role.

Real estate agents find a tenant for your rental property and they do not manage your property, while the property management company does both they lease your property and also manage it for you. Property Management Companies have specialized skill in managing properties and are proficient in the real estate business as well as managing properties. Property management service providing companies like us will market your property, find the right tenant, monitor your property, handling maintenance and repairs, establishing good rapport with the tenant and owner, solving any issues at the earliest, and vacating process among many others. Whereas, the real estate agent will only find you a tenant and once he finds a tenant for your rental property his job ends their and later the owner has deal with the tenants. Moreover, a property management company gives owners peace of mind and big break from all their property issues as they handle it for the owners.


Hence, depending on your priorities and needs, we would suggest you to choose the service provider accordingly.

Do property management companies provide Property Tax Assessment for our properties?

Yes, we will assist you in getting Property Tax Assessment for your property.

What’s the difference between a real estate agency and a property management company?

Real estate agents find a tenant for your rental property, but they do not manage your property. A property management company, on the other hand, will both rent/lease your property and also manage it for you.


The services offered by property management companies include marketing your property, find the right tenant, monitoring your property, handling maintenance and repairs, establishing a good rapport between tenant and owner, identifying and rectifying problems at the earliest, handling the occupation/vacating process and more. The multiple services that a property management company offers saves owners time and trouble and ensures peace of mind.

Can you find tenants for my rental property?

Finding a quality tenant for your rental property is part of our property management service.

When tenants can directly deposit the rent in my bank account, why do I need a property management company?

Collecting rent from tenants is not the only service a property management company offers. It serves as a representative for the property owner and takes on responsibilities that include: ensuring utility bills are paid on time; monitoring the property on regular basis and reporting on its condition; doing inventory checks before a tenant moves in and when he vacates; helping in lease agreement procedures and more. And, in the unlikely situation that you have to evict a tenant, we will step in and save you the tension of dealing with the unpleasant process.


In summary, a property management company will save you time and trouble, give you peace of mind and maximise your return on investment.

What are the information that every tenant should be aware of?

Some of the major points that every tenant should know are thorough research of the property and locality, property documents, understanding the lease agreement, responsibility of maintenance and repairs, knowing the eviction procedure, and regular communication with the owner.

How do I keep track of the condition of my property?

Our team will visit your property periodically, at a time and in a manner that doesn’t inconvenience your tenant. We check for any damage to the property and keep you informed through email or telephone.

As a tenant, what should I be aware of concerning the property I am renting?

A tenant should have clear knowledge and understanding of: the property and locality in which it is set; property documents; lease agreement; responsibility when it comes to maintenance and repairs; how often one is expected to communicate with the owner and eviction processes and procedures.

How regularly do you inspect our rental property?

Our skilled team do a periodic check on your property and make sure that the tenants don’t get disturbed. We check for any item damaged in the property or property damage. We do implement up-to-date technology in our service, hence we make every effort to stay in touch with the tenant and the owner through phone calls or emails.

How will I receive reports from the property management company?

We will keep you informed on any matter concerning your property (this includes regular updates) through postings on your secure page on our website. You can access this information by logging into your account.

How much do you charge as property management fee?

Property Management Service is provided at the economical rate than what most property owners think. You realise it when you get your rent every month in your account or through cheques without you running behind your tenant. Property Management fee varies depending on location and services you require, type of property you own and etc. You can fill our enquiry form on our site and we will get back to you with a quote.

How do you handle vacancies?

We are committed to finding you a quality tenant in the shortest period possible. We advertise your property in different media: through ads in newspapers, postings in property websites, updates on social networks and signboards.

What is an encumbrance certificate?

An Encumbrance Certificate, also known as EC, is a certificate issued by the sub-registrar of the area in which your property is located. It certifies that the property is free from any monetary or legal liabilities and can be sold as free title.