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Electronic / Digital Security Solutions

The rising crime rates and unethical practices have made security the major concern in various industry verticals like residential, commercial, hospitality, banking and many others. With regard to this, the evolving technology has introduced electronic/digital security equipment in the market for different industries that has witnessed a rapid growth and a huge demand.

With the rising demand for the digital security equipment and services from various industries, we at Value Homes Properties also provide digital security services and solutions as a part of property management service and have successfully supplied and installed innovative range of security products that caters to the need of various industry segments.

We offer electronic security solutions in various systems including banks security system, organization security system, security for malls, home security systems, industrial security systems, apartment security system, building security system, security systems for shops etc.

We have an edge in providing premium digital security products like CCTV surveillance, security alarm, fire alarm, access control, remote monitoring, AV door entry, video door phones, integrated alarm, LED searchlights and etc. We provide leading brands product that are reliable and trustworthy and cater the needs of various industry segments. 

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Value Home Properties provide CMS solution for commercial property owners who have more than one property in the city and located in different locations. CMS known as Central Monitoring System provides access to the owner to monitor all his properties located in different locations from one place without moving from one location to the other. The Central Monitoring System is a clandestine mass electronic surveillance data program installed in the major place of our clients office or as requested by the client that provides centralised access and gives the ability to monitor their multi-property located in various location of the city and record the real time day-to-day activities taking place in their malls or any properties.

Our security/risk assessment process:

Visiting the Property

The first step towards security assessment service is paying a visit to the property and take a rough look at the property’s interior and exterior part as well as the surrounding area and estimate the time it will consume to study, analyze, assess, and provide the right security solution

Examine the property and its location

After visiting the property, we make a deep study about the property and its location by inspecting it various time and examine methodically and in detail its structure and the location and then we prepare an analysis report.

Analysis Report

After several survey and thorough study, we prepare an analysis report that consists of various security risks and hazards that our clients and their property may face or facing. Through our analysis report, we prioritize hazards and control measures; create awareness of the level of hazards and risks involved; identify how their property may be at risk; recognize if existing security measures are sufficient or new methods should be implemented; and finally we provide the required security solution.

Provide Security Solution

After conducting a thorough hazard review, as well as reviewing and monitoring the threats that our clients property may pose or facing, we analyze the requirement of security solution systems that should be in place in the property. Then, we implement the suitable control measure by providing the hard-core digital security service and solution.

Through this process, we provide a clear visibility to our client about their property or organization’s risk profile and offer clear recommendation of suitable and reliable digital security system and services and ensure their property is secure and under their surveillance even when they are away.

We constantly work towards bringing new feasible customer centric solutions in digital security service and offer many products and solutions based on our research and clients feedback.

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